Researchers found new symptoms of COVID19



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Researchers found new symptoms of COVID19


Many COVID-19 cases have emerged from Europe and the United States, where many patients have reported a complete inability to smell or even to taste. So, this has given rise to questions, whether the SARS coronavirus is affecting our neurons that are responsible for smell and taste, or is it affecting other cells, which are involved in this olfactory function. A recent study conducted in India has shown that it is not the neurons that are being affected by the virus, but instead, it is a set of cells present in the upper regions of our nasal cavity that are being affected by the double Coronavirus. These cells include the sub Technicolor cells and the horizontal basal cells. But importantly, these cells are not directly involved in helping us smell. It means that these cells are not directly involved in the olfactory function. But these cells help us nourish and support the other cells, which are actually involved in the olfactory function. So this means that the novel Coronavirus is carrying out an indirect attack on our olfactory sensory cells. So if these findings are confirmed, it might provide us a new way to identify asymptomatic cases. Because see, the expected symptoms in COVID-19 patients are dry cough, fever, sneezing, difficulty breathing, etc. But there have been many cases where the infected patient does not display any of these symptoms. So since the person is asymptomatic, he or she won't be aware that they have been infected and they will end up spreading the virus to many other people. So governments around the world are dealing with the challenge of identifying such asymptomatic cases and this theory might provide a new opportunity if it is confirmed That COVID-19 is leading to a complete loss of smell in few individuals, then it could be used as an indicator to identify asymptomatic cases who are not displaying any of the expected symptoms.

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