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Story behind Beirut blast and challenges

 The initial assessment says this is because of the detonation of more than 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate. This is just the initial assessment, but clear cut analysis for the same is yet to be released by the government.  Ammonium nitrate is an odorless, crystalline substance that is used in bomb-making, as well as in fertilizer. 

It is the main component when it comes to the number of applications like the mining explosives, where it is mixed with the fuel, and then it is detonated with an explosive charge. More the ammonium nitrate is the bigger explosive capacity and at the same time, it is also used in the agricultural field. When it is used as a fertilizer ammonium nitrate is frequently added to increase, fertilizers, nitrogen content. It is used in the form of a granule when it comes to fertilizer.

 So when it is added to the fertilizer and when the fertilizer is added to the soil, the nitrogen content of this particular soil immediately starts increasing. That is how ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer.

 Under normal conditions, and without much heat, and the friction of it ammonium nitrate does not get ignited. Whether it is in the form of bomb-making or it is used as a fertilizer one precaution that has to make sure is that it is kept in a very controlled environment. In case there is any heat that is provided to the ammonium nitrate it could result in an explosion. Therefore, storage must follow all the strict guidelines to isolate ammonium nitrate from any kind of inflammable liquids. The inflammable liquids can be petroleum, it can be oil or any type of other oils, which can degrade the spark in the ammonium nitrate. 

 Political turmoil in the country Lebanon

Currently, there is a lot of unemployment, people are not able to find jobs. The government is not working effectively. They are not able to provide basic amenities to the people. This has resulted in increased corruption. So because there is increased corruption and the government and the political forces are not able to provide the basic amenities. This has resulted in poor governance. So the people are going against the political class, and the political class is facing the political turmoil is worth adding to the cause of the political turmoil that is unemployment crisis, and at the same time, the economic crisis that is unfolding in the region of Lebanon.

When we look at the current economic scenario, there is a currency crisis that is present in this region. This has also caused large scale closure of businesses, which has resulted in increased inflation. They have also defaulted on the sovereign debt in 2019, which is also increasing the flight of the economic crisis.

 The COVID 19 pandemic has made shock, the entire world is bleeding and Lebanon is no exception to this. They are already facing the health crisis in the form of COVID-19 and what this blast has added increasing casualties. We'll also have to look at COVID-19 and at the same time, more than 4000 people who are the major casualties because of this, explosive.

 On the border front. It also has issues with Israel and there's also fighting another organization Hezbollah. So the government is already infused with multiple issues right now. So coping with this particular blast would be an uphill task for the country's government. 

So it requires multi-country cooperation, as well as the global bodies coming together. The World Bank has partnered with many countries to mobilize public and private financing for reconstruction, and recovery. The United Nations is also working closely with after this blast took place. The United Nations is also working closely with the authorities in Lebanon, to support the ongoing response. After the massive explosion. The World Health Organization has also promised Lebanon, that it is ready to provide all type of assistance, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and after this blast has taken place. The immediate focus would be to make sure that the city stands up on its feet, so this will require multi-country cooperation in the immediate neighborhood and the global organization's support as well. To overcome this glitch in Lebanon.


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