The Larger Picture of Racism Faced by the North East community



The Larger Picture of Racism Faced by the North East community

The Government of India to prevent the spread of Covid 19 enforces the lockdown with a lockdown in place, minimum economic activity. Many people from the northeast part of India, working in different states lost their jobs, as well. They were standing in different regions. They also face racial abuse, and attack says the report from Nagaland about its residents. North-Eastern community people Mongoloid Indians are often mocked, they are racially abused, calling them  Nepali Chinese so on and so forth. We are name-calling them, and we are discriminating against the North Eastern friends of ours. There are instances of racial communication racial discrimination, and there have been instances where removal of such people from the apartment, and the rented houses have taken place. Northeasterner people are being spat on denied entry into the shops and they are called Chinese and coronavirus as well. Coronavirus, which originated in China has been associated with the northeastern community, such is the static state, that we have played ourselves. There are also instances where university students who are studying in some cities in India chose to return home in mass in fear and panic is when such is the case of racial discrimination that we have gone on to ask them to prove their nationality is where. People have also questioned whether they are from South Korea, or they are from Japan, or they are from China, such as the case of petty racism that is being conducted against the north-Eastern community. So the government, looking at all these issues and concerns had come up with one of the advisories. Several incidents were reported, and as a result, the Government of India came up with one of the notifications, where it asked all the nonenforcement agencies to be sensitive to the northeastern community during this process of COVID-19 as well. But there have been instances, even in the past where racial discrimination has been perpetrated against the North-Eastern community. To overcome all these issues, the central government back then had appointed one of the committee's called a Bezbaruah committee. This committee had given certain recommendations and these recommendations will also have to be followed shortly, and the government needs to take up the responsibility of implementing all these committee recommendations. Committee recommendations, given to stop the menace of discrimination, the first important factor is new laws against the administration. As of now, there are no laws explicitly to prevent discrimination against the North-Eastern community. So what this recommendation, ask, is for an explicit law, or if that is not possible. There have to be new sections that which have to be introduced in the Indian Penal Code, where, in case a person is abusing a person from a northeast community such penal provisions, have to be enforced on this person. So basically, this offense should also be made cognizable and nonbailable offense, says the first important recommendation. The second major recommendation given by this committee is for establishing the fast track court, as well as special Polish courts. What are these fast track coaches, let's say for example, for a particular case to be completed. It might take a lot number of days because there are lakhs of cases that are present in the Indian judiciary. So this means justice delayed is justice denied. So what is this recommendation asking for a fast, court, that will look into the discrimination issue, racism, issue, and it will give his judgment in a faster process, such that the person who is accused of it. If it is proved of that particular charge, he should be put behind bars. Immediately, and to continue this what we require is the special Polish court to conduct such an investigation is the second major recommendation. The recommendation further goes on to say that, establishing or fast track court is more important, if that particular issue is heinous, or there is racial abuse involving women, as well as children. In such cases, there has to be fast disposal of the case says this particular recommendation. The third major recommendation is interventions in education, when we are speaking about history, or geography, we have a better idea about the northern plains, the southern part, the western part, and the eastern part as well. But that is not the same. When it comes to the northeastern community. We have a barely minimal idea about the kingdom's as well as, the beauty of the geographical location of the northeastern part in strategic geo-locations. If you go ask a student who's studying in schools, he will not have any idea about it. So introduction about all these historical-geographical aspects into the NCERT, and as part of education is required since the third recommendation. Apart from this, the government will also have to identify that there are students who are going to different parts of the country for the employment opportunity. The other is for education purposes. So what the government of India will have to do is to bring up all the important institutions in this particular region. So when people from the southern part of India, or the western part of India or northern part of India, go to this particular region. They also get to see the beauty of this particular region, integrate with their culture, and ultimately we will have the real meaning of unity in diversity. And finally, the bonding power of the sport is when most of the important during games, let's say for example cricket, or football should also be conducted in the northeastern part of India and the government should conduct most of its activities in the northeastern part of India, and when there is this connection of the activities. This will have greater harmony and better understanding, says the Bezbaruah committee. So all these four important recommendations will have to be taken up by the Government of India, shortly, and implement these recommendations. It is this that we have to understand, about this article.

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