World's Oldedt and Most Stable Democracy Burning by Pro-Trump Supporters



World's Oldedt and Most Stable Democracy Burning by Pro-Trump Supporters

World's Oldedt and Most Stable Democracy Burning by Pro-Trump Supporters

The 2020 presidential elections of the United States has left the country deeply polarized, and it led to an unprecedented attack against the US Capitol, which is the equivalent of the Indian Parliament, which houses the US Congress and the US Senate. So essentially, the US Capitol Building depicted in this image over here represents the very soul of American democracy, and is nothing short of being the temple of American democracy, just like the Indian Parliament is to the Indian democracy. So the very symbol of American democracy was brought under attack by a group of pro-Trump supporters on a very crucial day in the American presidential election process. The sixth of January is a very important date in the American election process because it is on this date that the US Congress assembles at the US Capitol to tally the electoral college votes and certify the elections and formally declared the president-elect who would be sworn in on the 20th of January. The 22 Jan marks the Inauguration Day, and it is of this day that the outgoing administration provides for a smooth and peaceful transition of power to the incoming new administration, which is the very hallmark of a democracy.  The United States is often referred to as one of the world's oldest democracies, and it is also considered to be one of the most stable democracies in the world and one of the Hallmark symbols of a stable and functioning democracy is that the outgoing administration always ensures a smooth and peaceful transition of power into the hands of the new incoming administration. Traditionally, the United States has always witnessed a smooth and peaceful transition of power and this was what made the US, a stable democracy. Previously, the Inauguration Day and the tallying of electoral college votes by the US Congress was more of a formality because the American presidential election process had never been subverted in the past, and it had never been challenged based on lies and conspiracy theories. But during the latest presidential elections, we have witnessed the unprecedented under the hands of Donald Trump. Earlier, Donald Trump had won the 2016 presidential elections, his political campaign had carefully exploited the economic problems and social problems that were facing the United States, and based on this, he had built a populist campaign targeted against the failures of the previous governments. This populist campaign, which was largely built on social media through fake news propaganda and disinformation had managed to exploit the insecurities, that is the economic and social insecurities of the average American. But even after assuming power, Donald Trump displayed a similar liking towards lies and conspiracy theories and throughout his first term, the concerns around his state of mind and mental health were so serious that several officials of the US administration resigned by citing that the President had become delusional. And also, based on his inclination to deliberately promote propaganda and fake news several leading psychiatrists and mental health experts in the country had written an unprecedented petition to the US Congress by highlighting that the President's behavior was bordering on delusion, and narcissism, and it is the same concerns that were flagged previously that has come to disrupt the 2020 presidential elections, which in turn has led to the destabilization of the American democracy during the 2020 presidential campaign as well. Donald Trump, who seems to be propagating lies conspiracy theories, and propaganda and as the election process began in October and November, Donald Trump started making baseless allegations of electoral fraud, especially about mail-in votes and even though these fraud allegations were dismissed by the election authorities and by the Supreme Court of the United States, Donald Trump and his campaign continued promoting lies and conspiracy theories, and eventually, he even managed to instigate an insurrection against the American democracy. So the sixth of January, as the US lawmakers and congressmen had assembled at the US Congress, at the Capitol building a large mob that was instigated by Trump's speech, and his statements, led an attack against the US Capitol Building, and they managed to lay siege to the very Temple of American democracy. This even led to violence and riots and several protesters even managed to enter the building, while the US Congress was looking to certify the electoral college tally and declared the president-elect. So this attempted siege of the US Capitol Building, led by Trump supporters has been labeled by several constitutional experts and political experts, as nothing short of an insurrection and an attempted coup. This unfortunate incident represents the greatest assault on American democracy, and it not only affects the global standing of the United States as a stable democracy, but it is also likely to have an impact on democracies around the world.

Now, this is where you need to understand what is an insurrection, an insurrection is a refusal to obey the orders that are coming from established authority and insurrection is essentially an organized rebellion in which the rebels are trying to wrest control from the existing authority. The objective of an insurrection is to destroy or take over the position of established authority and this includes the government, the Office of the governor the president, or any other authority established by law. In an insurrection, two different types of behavior can be noticed. On one hand, and insurrection could be a peaceful moment that employs only nonviolent methods. For example, civil disobedience, civil resistance, nonviolent resistance, in a way, India's freedom struggle and national movement, which included aspects of civil disobedience and civil resistance against British authority was a form of an insurrection because India's freedom struggle was largely nonviolent, and it adopted, civil disobedience as a tool. However, insurrection can also turn violent, organized protesters can engage in mindless acts of violence against the established authority to wrest control and examples include the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Arab Spring that spread across the Middle East, North Africa region from 2011 onwards, etc. So clearly, by looking at the definition of insurrection, we can say that what happened at the US Capitol was nothing short of an insurrection because the mob carried out violence and riots, and it openly challenged the election results that were certified democratically, and it was an attempt to wrest control from the existing authority, based on lies and conspiracy theories.

This was no doubt a major security failure as well for the American security and intelligence agencies because there were sufficient warnings and prior intelligence available to indicate that an organized attempt was being made, particularly on social media to disrupt the democratic election process. Generally whenever a transition of power is taking place and when elections are conducted the security agencies are always in a state of high alert and they even make preparations to deal with any possible contingencies. This is true in the case of India as well, because the Election Commission of India ensures that the entire electoral process is conducted peacefully by closely working with the security forces. So the security breach at the US Capitol. That too on a day when the election results are being formalized represents a major security failure and it also highlights the organized attempt, that was being made on social media, by Trump's campaign, with the support of several far right-wing groups to disrupt and subvert the democratic election process. This insurrection attempt is directly linked to rising radicalism in the United States, which is an outcome of the false allegations propaganda and fake news that Trump has promoted through various media platforms including social media and alarmingly, he has even used his official social media accounts to deliberately promote fake news disinformation propaganda and even hatred in the American society. This has directly led to the deep polarization of the American Society on political and racial lines, and it has contributed to rising radicalism led by white supremacists. Over the years, Donald Trump has extended open support, especially through social media to far right-wing white supremacist organizations, which are known to target racial minorities and ethnic minorities. One such example is a white supremacist group known as proud boys, which is a far right-wing organization.

Similarly, Donald Trump has even supported baseless conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, which started as a fringe conspiracy theory on social media, but it ended up being mainstreamed thanks to open support given by Donald Trump to these fake conspiracy theories. The conspiracy promoted by QAnon members may sound unbelievable because the members of QAnon believe that Donald Trump is a secret warrior, working to protect the United States from Democrats, and from several celebrities and businessmen who have gained power by drinking the blood of traffic children. As I said, it sounds unbelievable and ridiculous, but over the last couple of years, Donald Trump himself has supported these conspiracy theories and this is how QAnon became mainstream. The members of QAnon were also seen as pro-Trump supporters, and they even started organizing politically on social media and this has even contributed to political violence in the real world. So the mob that attacked the US Capitol and stage this construction comprised of white supremacists members of QAnon and far right-wing extremist organizations, such as Proud Boys. One of the most alarming developments during these riots at the US Capitol was the display of the Confederate flag by one of the protesters inside the US Capitol Building. Now, this is a very alarming development because the Confederate flag is a symbol of fascism and racism. It traces back its origin to the American Civil War, fought between 1861 and 65. When the southern conservative states, known as the Confederate States staged a rebellion against a union, that is against the United States of America, and its constitutional democracy to retain and continue their pro-slavery policies. These developments also marked the decline of the United States as a global superpower.

Over the last decade and a half, the American economy is on the decline, and the global domination of the US dollar, as the reserve currency is being openly challenged by countries such as China, Russia, and even by the exponential growth of

cryptocurrencies. Along with this, we have the complete mishandling of the covid 19 pandemics by the Donald Trump administration and the complete erosion of America's commitment and support to global multilateral institutions, because the Trump administration took several steps to weaken the global trading regime created by the WTO and he also unilaterally withdrew the US from several un institutions, such as the UN Human Rights Council, UNESCO, etc. Under Donald Trump, the US also quit the Paris Agreement of the Climate Change Convention and thereby weakened America's commitment to fighting against climate change in global warming. Under Donald Trump, us not only violated, its commitments to the climate change convention, but the Trump administration, even went on to claim that climate change was just a conspiracy theory on similar lines, Trump unilaterally withdrew the US, from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action are also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, thereby raising tensions with Iran, which almost brought the two countries to the brink of war. While these events, mark the external decline of America's superpower status. Internally, the weakening of its democracy marks the declining influence of the United States. The rise of white supremacy is one of the major concerns because this has directly contributed to hatred and polarization in American society and we have witnessed an increasing number of assaults on minorities. Over the last few years, racial discrimination in the US has increased and the blacks, in particular, have been at the receiving end as witnessed during the Black Lives Matter protests. The Trump administration also took a very conservative stance against immigrants, and he chose to directly target immigrants from South Asia, Hispanics, and he also heavily politicized the problem of illegal migration across the Mexico border. Political experts agree that these external and internal developments, mark the complete erosion of American democracy because it betrays America's commitment to promoting human rights for promoting democratic values such as liberty and equality and the increasing number of civil unrest incidents accompanied with the unsubstantiated claims of Trump of electoral fraud, and his repeated refusal to concede the elections, eventually led to this insurrection attempt that several experts are even referring to as an attempted coup.

The latest riots at the US Capitol, are so serious that even America's allies, especially from Europe, have criticized the developments, and the European Union and countries such as France, UK, and Germany, they have openly criticized Trump for subverting democracy. Ironically, the US has always targeted several countries such as China and Venezuela, for subverting and eroding democracy, as seen during the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. But the latest developments in the US have allowed countries such as China and Venezuela, to preach democracy to the United States itself by calling upon the US to protect the sanctity of democratic elections. Even in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who seems to have a personal relationship with Donald Trump has expressed distress, at these developments, which clearly shows that even India and the Prime Minister are looking to distance themselves from Donald Trump. However, this is where a problem arises for India, and especially, this could have an impact on the future of India's US relations, because traditionally India has always enjoyed bipartisan support, whether the US government led by Democrats or Republicans, India US relationship has always received a very high priority. But over the last four years, we have witnessed unprecedented development in Indian diplomacy, where the Indian government had officially started endorsing Trump's electoral campaign as witnessed during the Howdy Modi event and the Namaste Trump event. Several foreign policy experts and even former diplomats of India had criticized the Indian government for politically endorsing Donald Trump's campaign because that would amount to India extending diplomatic support to one particular party against the other. These developments have even led to a lot of polarization within the Indian diaspora, especially amongst Indian Americans, and it has been observed that a section of Indian Americans has even expressed open support to Trump's campaign.

However, the display of an Indian flag by few Indian Americans, during the capital riots is a cause for concern and alarm, because all these developments would have been noticed by the incoming Biden administration. When Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government seemed to be politically endorsing Trump's campaign, the Democratic Party and presidential candidate, Joe Biden, had expressed their displeasure towards India. So this is likely to have an impact on the future of the India US relationship, and even though the Biden administration is going to continue the strategic partnership on critical issues, such as the Kashmir dispute human rights situation in India. Question of religious freedom and controversial laws, such as the Citizenship Amendment Act. Are these issues. The Biden administration might look to target India.

The impact of these events on democracy around the world, and the gravity of the situation can be understood by looking at the fact that almost all social media giants, including Facebook, Twitter, and the others, have blocked Trump's official accounts, and some of them have even permanently removed, Trump from their platforms. Because the posts that Donald Trump was sharing over the last few months was in direct violation of the policies of social media companies, and as soon as he started making baseless claims of electoral fraud, Facebook and Twitter. They started attaching a warning message to these posts of Donald Trump and they even removed some of them, as it was seemed to be promoting fake news and lies about allegations of electoral fraud. But now that his social media posts have directly instigated violence at the US Capitol. It marks a direct infringement of the policies of social media companies, and they have not just blocked Trump, but some of them have even permanently removed his accounts. These developments go on to show how deeply polarized is the American Society on political and racial lines. So the incoming Joe Biden administration will have a tough task at hand. To restore American democracy. Because developments over the last few years, clearly mark an erosion in America's commitment towards democratic values, and it has taken the shine out of the so-called American dream. So this ongoing decline of America as a superpower. As a result of its economic decline and democratic decline is going to have a global impact, because this could set the stage for rising autocracies and dictatorships around the world. In the coming years as China overtakes the US as the leading economy of the world, and firmly establishes itself as a global power. The simultaneous decline of the US could be marked by an American retreat in global geopolitics, and this power vacuum will be duly filled by China, and China being an autocratic country in itself would further weaken democracy around the world and these alarming developments should serve as a wake-up call to India.

If American democracy was able to overcome the threat posed by Donald Trump. It was because the country still had a few strong democratic institutions. This included a few sections of American media, its judiciary, a strong civil society, under strong opposition, which together, managed to counter Trump's assault on American democracy. So in India, one should not take democracy for granted, and hence, the government, the media, the judiciary, the civil society, and the opposition, all should work in tandem to strengthen our democratic institutions.

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